My Clarinet Solo

Hannah Dunlap

About the Composer

Edmund J. Siennicki was born on April 11, 1920 and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Edmund met and spoke with Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the former prime minister of Poland, at the age of 12. This conversation changed and influenced Edmund’s life. He played the bassoon an piano as a professional musician. So far, Edmund has about 200 compositions in print. Still today Edmund Siennicki continues to compose music.

About My Song

My song is called Happy Song. I think the composer named it that because it is a very lively and energetic song. I think that he might have wrote this song when he was feeling happy. Happy Song is a very exciting and fun song to play.

About Me

My name is Hannah Dunlap. I am in 6th grade at Discovery Middle School and I play clarinet. I have one older sister who is 14 years old and her name is Emily. My dog’s name is Lilly and she is a Lhasa Poo. My favorite subject in school is math and clarinet. In my free time I like to shop, draw, and go on my phone.


My Reflection

I learned a lot about the composer and the definitions of my music piece. I really liked when I got to practice my song on Smart Music because it was very fun. I also enjoyed researching about my composer because I learned many things about who he is. My favorite part of this project was creating and editing the flyer because I got to add pictures and choose which font and background I wanted.