Forensic Nurse

Is this the career for you?

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What does a Forensic Nurse do?

A Forensic Nurse assist law enforcement by collecting evidence that can be used at court. Forensic Nurses help victims and/or perpetrators of a crime, violence, or distressed accidents. They collect information about the type of wounds the victim or perpetrator has in order to prove in court that the incident that occurred was what either the victim or perpetrator said that occurred. Forensic Nurses can branch of into a specific area so that they can specialize in the one area.

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A Day as A Forensic Nurse

As a Forensic Nurse your day consist of attending victims of crimes that want to be tested in order to get certain type of evidence that show how they were abused, assaulted or other types of violent crimes they unfortunately had to go through and they treat perpetrators of a crime as well. Forensic Nurses not only treat them with medical help but they help the victims emotionally by helping them feel better about themselves after the crime has occurred. Being a Forensic Nurse can cause you some stress throughout the day as you work but a way that your own job relieves your stress is by seeing the faces of people smiling and being happy after you have help them.

Education and Levels of being a Forensic Nurse

The levels of becoming a Forensic Nurse are:
  1. Registered Nurse (RN)
  2. Forensic Nurse
  3. Senior Forensic Nurse

In high school the most recommended career pathways you should take are Healthcare Science and or Cluster Therapeutic Services. For RN training you will have to get an associates degree in nursing, a bachelor of science degree in nursing, or require a diploma after completing a two- or three- year hospital nursing program. For Forensic Nursing training will include law enforcement investigation, wound identification, court testimony procedure, and a couple more things depending on what specific Forensic Nursing area you wish to look into.

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Salary and Job Growth

A Forensic Nurse earns anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 or more depending on their education level, experience and more. However Registered Nurses earn around $65,000 in 2015. The job growth rate for 2008 to 2018 is 22.2%. Going through all the education might be a difficult task but at the end the satisfaction of bringing the victim's perpetrator to justice with evidence will be an astonishing award.