How Was The Earth Created?

By:Mili Patel

How did the earth come to be?

Before the earth was created( about 4.6 billion years ago) the solar system was empty. Our solar system consisted of clouds made of dust and gasses. They were called solar nebula. Then something big happened. Gravity collapsed on itself while it was spinning. That's how the sun was created. The remaining materials started to clump up and the smaller particles started to draw together because of gravity, into larger particles. The solar wind then swept away the lighter elements(hydrogen, helium, etc.) and only rocky materials were left behind to create the terrestrial worlds like earth.

Fun Facts About Earth.

-The Earths core was formed first and the magnetic field was made around that time.

-The mass of earth is 5,972,190,000,000,000 billion kg.

-The Earth was once belived to be the center of the universe

-Earth is also the only planet that is not named after a god

-The moon is only natural satellite of Earth

-All of Earths continents were joined together and that land was called Pangea

Why did I choose this project?

I choose this project because I didn't really know exactly how the earth was made and I wanted others to know how it was made.

Who was my mentor?

My mentor was my science teacher as she has taught us about the Earth and I have gotten to know about the Earth in depth from her.

Community Impact...

Help others know how the Earth was made. It also helps me know more about science.


I went through many struggles as I wanted to know all particles used for the Earths creation. Although I could not find a website that had all of the particles.

The process.

I went to many websites and even read some books and textbooks. I also asked my teacher/mentor.