Kelli Reyes

Where is freedom??

Slaves were able to determine where freedom was ( the North) by sometimes following the North Star. One place that slaves escaped from was from Jackson, Mississippi and then some ran all the way to Canada because Canada allowed slaves to live there.

Underground Railroad was the way that the slaves escaped. When the slaves where on the plantations the owners often hired people to look over the slaves in the field and those people were called the overseers. The slaves also had another name for them and they were called darkies. The larger area of the south that was majorly had black slaves were called the black belt. Floggings were a whip or a strap that was on the slaves for misbehavior. Peculiar institutions was what justify the South in using slaves. Denmark Vesey was most famous for planning a slave rebellion. Nat Turner is famous for leading a slave rebellion that killed 60 white people.