Delsea Middle School Climate Team

Newsletter September 2021

Created by the Delsea Regional School District to develop equity in our school and bridge learning gaps TOGETHER.

Earning Points

Welcome back to a new school year!!

#DelseahasHEART has been rolling off to a great start. Our students are being rewarded everyday for their positive behavior all around the school. The points for positivity keep adding up!!

For the month of September:

7th grade Totals: 236

8th grade totals: 260

Sneak Peak into October

We are excited to announce that in the month of September, the Climate Team took HOURS to create, plan and organize a #DMSHASHEART kickoff.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos of music, dance party, food, FREE T_SHIRTS, and Family Feud with DJ Keller & DJ Bradley...

What's in the works?

Our Climate Team staff have been SUPER busy gathering other school staff members to help improve the HEART program.

Students will be introduced to things throughout the year such as:

A new way to redeem HEART points

BIGGER and BETTER rewards

A school wide goal to increase the total number of points at the end of the year

New wellness room

Do you want to help us reward students?

If you have ideas to reward our students, please share your ideas with us! We are always looking for donations and partnerships with our community. This will ultimately show our students that what they do in school will matter outside these walls.

Districts across the country are requiring a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum. One of the foundations to SEL is mindfulness.

Delsea Middle School has implemented Reboot into our morning routine to practice mindfulness.

Please click on this link to learn more:

Climate Team Website

To stay informed about the work of the Middle School Climate Team, please visit our website.
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