Penelope,Dali, & Christano



  • Penelope beat 300 girls in the talent agency.
  • She also studied ballet for 9 years.
  • She made a film in 1992.
  • She earned a place in the Spanish Cinema as a leading lady.


  • Born May 11, 1904- January 23, 1989.
  • He was born in Figueres,Spain.
  • Dali was known for his technical skill as a painter, & the shocking quality of his imagination.
  • Dali was the only surviving male child of a prosperous Catalan family that divided its time between Figueres and the coastal village of Cadaques.


  • Christano is a very dramatic soccer player.
  • He also became a superstar.
  • Christano earned 141 million dollars.