Late September Update

Mrs. Davis' Fourth Grade

Math Matters

Students have been busy reviewing place value concepts and adding a few new skills, too. The UNIT TEST will be given on Friday, September 25th. Students will show their mastery of reading and writing numbers, to the hundred thousands, in standard, word and expanded form. Additionally, students will round to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand and hundred thousand using a number line. A study guide will come home on Thursday.

Reading and Writing

The focus for the first 6 weeks is on reading and writing narratives. Through our whole class reading of mentor texts such as Saturdays and Teacakes, students are learning how writer's engage the reader using audible and visual craft.

All students are also participating in Book Clubs. They select a text and read and discuss with other students who are reading the same text. Coming to discussion prepared and exchanging ideas orally are two very important skills being practiced.

Several memoirs have been drafted and students will be choosing one of these to revise, edit, and bring to publication in the next two weeks.


Matter is the current science unit. We are just starting to explore how the physical properties of matter are measured. Students will be generating questions which we will explore through experimentation. For example, you child might be bringing a hairdryer to school to help answer the question, "Does a gas really change its VOLUME?" They will be asked to answer this and many more questions through hands on activities that THEY develop.