Welcome Your New Librarian!

What role does your librarian play in your school?


I am so excited to be the new librarian at Pine Ridge Elementary School! I have exciting ideas that I would love to share with you, but first I would like to highlight my role as the librarian. My door is always open! Please stop by and say hello and let me know how I can help you!

What does it mean to be a school librarian?

I am a teacher

  • Empower students to become critical thinkers.
  • Build on prior knowledge and help students construct new knowledge.
  • Guide them to become effective researchers and ethical users of information

I am a Leader

  • Stay current on information technology & educational research that applies to school library programs.
  • Create an environment that promotes active & participatory learning, research based instruction and collaboration with teaching staff.
  • Encourage technology use as a means of engaging students and improving learning.
  • Provide 24/7 access to digital information resources for students and staff.

I am an Information Specialist

  • Develop and maintain a collection of resources appropriate to curriculum, students and teachers.
  • Provide guidance in software & hardware evaluation.
  • Organize the library collection for the most efficient use
  • Understand and assist all users with policies related to copyright, fair use, and licensing of intellectual property.

I am an Instructional Partner

  • Collaborate with teachers and students to design and teach engaging inquiry based learning activities.
  • Participate in curriculum development to ensure the full range of literacy skills are being incorporated.
  • Provide and plan professional development opportunities with the school and the district for and with all staff.

I am a Program Administrator

  • Establish clear procedures for selection, acquisition, and circulation that ensures appropriate resources are available when needed.
  • Use strategic planning for continued program improvement.
  • Use evidence of practice to support program goals and planning.
  • Ensure that school library goals align with school and district goals.
  • Prepare and administer school library program budget to support specific program goals.

What's New?

I have some exciting new programs planned for this school year to include:
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Battle of the Books
  • Author Visit
  • Librarian Luncheon
  • After School Game Club
  • Brand NEW Maker Space!
  • Comfy Quiet Reading Area

Have a great idea for an activity in the library? I'd love to hear it!

Our new library hours are 7:45-4:45 Mon-Fri

Pine Ridge Elementary Library Vision Statement

Our school library is here to ensure that all students have access to a variety of books and resources so that they may become effective users of information in this 21st Century world. We strive to support our school curriculum in every way possible and to create a nurturing environment so that each of our students has the ability to grow to his or her fullest potential.