Welcome to the country of Shu

by Duc Mai (Henry)

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Welcome to the country of Shu

My country is large sized near China, it smaller than China. It has everything like lake, desert, beach, mountain,etc. My country maximum is has 20 million peoples. Our primary language is Vietnamese, but every school in my country will be teach 3 language like Vietnamese, English, Chinese. Everyone can go to school. Up to age 19, if the people don't go to college school they have to go to military service for defense own country. The retirement for lady are 59 years old and gentleman are 62 years old. Everyone need pays 30% of their salary in all taxes , and for ensure hygiene, the government provides trash pickup every Wednesday through Friday

Six Freedoms

1. Every person between the ages of 3 years to 19 years old can go to school.

2.Every person can have their own religion , and own beliefs .

3. Every person 15 and up can have a job as long as they went to school for at least 7 years.

4. Every person has the right to become a citizen as long as they lived in the country for at least 6 years.

5. Everyone has the right to travel to a different country as long as they have a passport.

6. Everyone has the right to join the army as long as they have been a citizen for at least 2 years .

Four things that are illegal

1. Crime

2. drug dealers

3 Traffic offense

4. Causing public disorder

Type of government

Representative Democracy

I choose that because i thing democracy is more civilized than all other types of government. If my country is monarchy, the king or queen can kill anyone they would like without having to follow the law, it will be very chaotic , and if i choose theocracy or dictatorship, it's the same thing with monarchy. So I see Democracy is most appropriate. If my country is democracy, the society will be very stable. Suitable for the development of my country. And it is representative democracy because i want the people can vote but can't vote for all the laws themselves. The next position I will open one election to choose who replaces me, the person has the highest number of votes will become the next president.

System of government

Federal System

I choose this because if my country have many state, the people in those state are the fellow, we can help together without doubt. If my country is confederations, other country maybe destroy my country because the desire for their country development. And if my country is unitary system, we can't connect with other country when we have dangerous or a trouble.

Type of economy


I choose this because it has many benefit for people, make people have a good life, better than communism and capitalism.

What are some fun things to do in your country?

In the beach i have a big resort and some house for rent on the beach, and the price isn't expensive, i want to make this for the people can go with family, couple in anniversary or birthday.