Informational flyer- brian


3 ways to be safe while cleaning
  • Do not use broken equipment
  • Do not swing equipment
  • Wear gloves

cleaning schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is

  • Following days and time when cleaning has to be done

cleaning products

The three cleaning products we use are

  • window cleaner
  • floor cleaner
  • sanitizer


Three types of brooms are
  • angle broom
  • lobby broom
  • push broom


Two types of mops are
  • dust mop is used for the floor to pick the dust up
  • wet mop is used to clean the floor with a bucket of water and floor cleaner


The two ways we clean windows are
  • squeegee with squeegee bucket
  • yellow rag with window cleaner


three items we sanitize in the hospital room are
  • the over bed table
  • the lamps
  • the end tables

bed changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is cleaning bed linens can prevent skin infections

4 techniques to sanitary bed changing are

  • Wash your hands before changing the bed
  • Set items on a clean surface
  • Roll dirty laundry
  • Do not shake pillowcase because of germs