Cole's Computer Repair

Intel igent *lol get it... intel

We renovate PC's, Boutique Build (you pick the parts we put it together for you), Fix broken hardware, diagnose virus's and get rid of em'.

Boutique Builds

We leave all of the various hardware decisions up to you specifically because most people looking to build their own PC have knowledge of computers especially gamers which is the primary focus of Boutique Builds.


We have years of experience here at Cole's Repair. We feel you will be perfectly satisfied with our work and will be ecstatic about your new/renovated system. We have 5 employees that have over 40 years of combined experience in this field. Virus/malware cleaning and years of PC building. All of our employees have advanced Computer Science degrees.

Why Should I Boutique Build?

If you build a system yourself you run the risk of damaging parts by incorrectly installing them. We here at Cole's Repair have partnered with I Buy Power is a huge company specifically online only. They have recently branched out and we here at Cole's Repair love working with them. Their service is second to none especially here at Cole's Repair. Come on down, we'll take care of you!


As you can tell we here at Cole's Repair have a very aggressive attitude towards computer viruses. We have numerous employees that have many hours of experience with viruses, but we would recommend that you use some sort of anti-virus. Simply because some viruses do take a long time to clean up. We sell numerous different types of anti-virus applications in our store, so stop on by and we'll get you set up with he right app for your personal rig!