Three GREAT reasons why you should read Nanberry!!!


Nanberry is a fantastic novel about the impact of colonisation on the Aboriginals. It tells the story of Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy who saw first contacts. It is emotional and very interesting.

Reason 1.

The first reason you should read Nanberry is that it is historical. If you like or even love history, you will definitely love this book. Almost every event in the story is true and very accurate. The book starts off in 1788, when the first fleet arrived, and ends in 1823. It's history interesting, enjoyable and just plain extraordinary.

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Reason 2.

Reason number 2 is that the book Nanberry is emotional and suspenseful. Nanberry is a book that makes you sad and excited at the same time. If you don't like sad things though, luckily things always turn around.

Reason 3

The last reason why you must is because it has really good characters. A lot of the characters in Nanberry are brave, smart, funny and heroic. All the characters in this book are true as well, making it trustworthy and amazing.


Lastly, Nanberry is an outrageously good book, and those are three good reasons why you should definitely read Nanberry. If you do read it, I can guarantee you will LOVE it.
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