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Internet Safety Tips for Kids

internet safty

look i know that inter net can be useful and fun but i bet you did not know that you are being tracked when you are online so dont go on websits that pop up ask your parents about it first so your parents make shure it is safe first and if you get a messeg from some random person that you do not know because it could be sombody trying to cyber bully you or take your infor matchon learn more about internet safty with the video above.

identey theft

the internet can be a dangrous placa you could get your personal stuff stolen like your credit card and your adress and your name so if you get an email or pop up that says that all you need to do is give us your credid card number we will give you free ipads it is fake it is just someone trying to get your persnal informatchon learn more about in the video below
Identity Theft The Michelle Brown Story

don't give out your persnal informatchon

if you are plying a game online and someone askes you where you go to school and where you live and how old your get your parent or exit off and go to a diffrent game and if some one askes you that stuff dont answer it learn more about it with the video bellow
CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

cyber bullying

cyber bullying is a type of bulling online and can be hurtful and is not very nice so if you want to be treated like that then go ahead and do it but if you do not want to get treated like that then don't do it because it can get out of hand and can becom about persnol stuff so treat other people with the respect that people deserv and think what if my mom was on the other end of the line learn more about it in the video below.
Cyber Bullying Animation (Top Designs 2014)

i hope you like it

i hope you liked my flyer about being safe online and about being safe with persnal informatchon.