Takoma Park Elementary School


April 30, 2023

Remember NO School For Kindergarten Students tomorrow, May 1, 2023

PTA Meeting This Tuesday, at 7 p.m.

There will be a PTA Meeting this Tuesday at 7 p.m. This meeting will focus on transitions to Piney Branch E.S. and the creation of classes at Takoma Park Elementary School. The Zoom link for the meeting will be sent in the early evening on Tuesday.

Changes in Dismissal

Changes in dismissal must be sent in writing to the classroom teacher, Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Paz (in the office). All changes must be received no later than 12:00 p.m. the day of the dismissal change. Changes received later than 12:00 p.m. will not be honored. Emails must be sent to the student's teacher, Mrs. Paz at Johanna_A_Paz@mcpsmd.org and Mrs. Garner at Marnika_D_Garner@mcpsmd.org. If the email is not sent to all of the people mentioned the likelihood of your child being sent home the wrong way increases.

Bike to School Day is May 3, 2023

On May 3rd, TPES will celebrate Bike to School Day. Bike to School Day invites students, teachers, and staff to travel to and from school by bike (or scooters and other human-powered, wheeled devices). Please remember to bring a chain and lock to lock up your child's bike on the bike rack or school fence. Here are a few tips for safely riding bikes in our community:


• Whether you’re biking down the block, to go to school, or to visit the store, always wear a well-fitted helmet. They make you more visible to drivers and help to keep that amazing brain of yours safe!

• How visible are you when you’re on your bike? Try adding lights, reflective stickers and armbands, and bright colored clothes to your bike riding outfit so that people on the street know you’re here and you mean business on a bike! Be safe and be seen!

• Did you know that the law says cars have to stop and yield to people on bikes just as if they were another car? And that they have to give them lots of space on the road if they want to pass? Three whole feet! Next time you’re in a car with your family, remind the driver to give any people on bikes lots of space to ride safely.

• Are you learning to ride a bike? Try going for a ride on the Sligo Creek Trail right here in Takoma Park! It’s a lush green trail with no cars to worry about (and if you need a break, there are playgrounds to stop at, too!)

• When you’re on a bike, your eyes and ears are your most important and powerful tools for staying safe. Earbuds and cell phones can be dangerous distractions. Hold the calls and music until you’ve reached your destination.


• Looking for ways to celebrate Bike to School Day with a little flare? Try decorating your bike with streamers, stickers, and lights! Get a group of friends together and cruise to school in style! It will definitely be a WHEELIE good time!

• Did you know that the Tour de France is the most famous bike race in the world? Every year, almost 200 of the best bike riders in the world race around the country of France, going through mountains, around lakes, and along the coast. Now that sounds like an active vacation!

• Did you know that there are twice as many bicycles as there are cars in the world? It makes sense when you think about how fun it is, how much good exercise you get, how good for the environment is, and you never have to stop at a gas station!

• Do you like biking with friends? Well you may be interested to know that the longest tandem bike, which is a bike that usually has seats for two people, had a staggering 35 seats and was around 67 feet in length! That could fit everyone in {insert teacher name}’s class with room to spare!

Takoma Park Children's Business Fair

Come and support your family, friends, classmates, neighbors and community!

Looking for a one of a kind gift for Mother's Day?

Curious what fermented garlic tastes like?

Searching for a homemade piñata for a birthday party or a unique 3D printed toy designed by kids?

Feeling healthy and looking for a vegan & gluten free cafe?

Searching for beautiful handmade jewelry and crafts made with eco-friendly materials?

We’ve got it all and you won’t want to miss it!

We invite you to come and support nearly 100 young entrepreneurs / 50 business booths on Sat 5/6 between 10am and 2pm at the former farmer’s market location on Laurel Ave, Takoma Park!



Peek at the Week/Newsletters/Lunch Menu



First Grade

Second Grade

Arts Team (art, music, P.E. media & STEM)

Lunch Menu


Monday, May 1st, 9am

7511 Holly Avenue

Takoma Park, MD

Bike To School Day

Wednesday, May 3rd, 9pm

7511 Holly Avenue

Takoma Park, MD

Parent Meeting (Behavioral Support)

Thursday, May 11th, 7pm

This is an online event.

This meeting will discuss the current behavioral trends at our school and incidents that have occurred. We will share what is happening, our desired state and make resources available to parents.

Art Showcase

Thursday, May 18th, 7pm

7511 Holly Avenue

Takoma Park, MD