Monday Memo

Week of February 29th

February Screencast Items

If you recall, I was going to release a screencast to you on Wednesday of last week. If you have been holding your breath until it arrives, please hold it no more. In the interest of time, I have decided to release some of the key points into today's Monday Memo, so please pay careful attention to all components of this memo.

Consultative Services

If you have students who are on consultative services please see the guidelines that were shared at my most recent SpED AP county level meeting:

  • It is a direct service--there must be interaction with the student
  • Delivered by special education teacher
  • Within a general education classroom
  • For at least one hour per month
  • For most students, you should NOT have students on consultative services more than one school year

Questions, IEP team should consider before creating these services:

  • What is the purpose?
  • Who will deliver the service in which class? What will the service look like? What data will be collected?
  • Is specialized instruction needed? If the student does not require specialized instruction, is the student still eligible for Special Education Services?