OELC Staff Weekly Updates

Progress Delayed Isn't Progress Denied!

What's Happening Now?

Reputation is for time; character is for eternity. -J. B. Gough

No Staff Meeting tonight! We are going to have our staff meeting next Wednesday, December 16 at 6:30pm. This is a mandatory meeting. We will wrap the gifts from the "Giving Tree."

No team meetings tonight. We will have them next week before our staff meeting.

Sick children should not come to school. Not even our own. Your first priority is a parent and we understand that.

Our new "Staff Parking" is located by the maintenance building. This will be our permanent parking lot, effective last week!

Inserts from the "Staff Handbook" is located by the "Time Sheets." Take a moment and review the inserts and make suggestions.

Our program is well on it's way to having three new playgrounds at OELC & Leonard and one renovated playground at Daniel Axford! We even have a new flag-pole! How exciting!

Budget-This is how we will pay for it!

In the future, if you would like to request supplies, please put a request in the supply folder in the front office before the 15th of the month. Orders will be placed at the beginning of each month (contingent on the budget). I will place the following orders this week and will notify you when your supplies come in: GSRP CLK order dated 11.6.15, GSRP LEO order dated 10.21.15 and a storage bin for bikes, toddler class some of the items from 10.13.15, Half Day GSRP order date 9.23.15, and PSO order dated 8.25.15.

Weekly Survey

Hot Topics

These are Hot Topics that are confusing, causing you grief or even things you may want to try in our program. Click on the link and make a suggestion for a weekly Hot Topic. I will upload the one that is "pressing" for the majority on a google doc and we can have an "open forum" conversation to improve our program.

Licensing Update

2016 Renewals: OELC, DA & CLK
Summary PD Logs must be turned in next Wednesday, December 16th with your last time sheet for the year. The logs must be turned in with your time sheet, in order to receive your last pay of the year!

Upcoming Trainings-Intentional Small Group Time, December 8th

Thanks for attending Small Group Time on November 24th: Karen M., Suzanne, Sarah, Leanne, Minerva, Megan, Ashley, Cindy, Jillian, Sue S, Karen R., Dana, Debra, Kristen, Kelly L., Pat H., Shirley, Peggy, Melissa G., Desiray, Jessica and Jennifer!
Improving our skills will improve our quality of instruction.
Key Points: Four types of opening statements, four ways to select an activity, the beginning, the middle and the end of small group time

2015/2016 Approved Subs

Destiny Bunton 616-802-4042
Loretta Christenson 248-276-0691
Miranda Chambers 248-535-0584
Jan Garreston 248-628-4218
Dorothy Graham 248-236-0361 and 248-464-0788
Kim Keenan 248-462-1304
Denise Nichols 248-672-7886

Center Goals

Improve our work climate by cultivating comradery and team work.
Turn in your "Compassion Sheets"
Use the the Hot Topics to make suggestions for improvements! But be willing to see our intentions through!

Where to Go For Help?

Washea Jackson, Director cell 248-622-8753, office 248-969-5047
Sue Roeher, Program Coordinator cell 248-969-5036, office 248-969-5036
Pat Mueller, Education Coordinator cell 248-626-7638, office 248-969-5082
Pam Andrew, Parent Coordinator (off)
Beki Story Office Administrator office 248-969-5038

Help Desk-Jason French 248-969-1898

Maintenance/Cleaning Bob Amlotte 248-969-5078

GSRP Updates

Congratulations Jillian and Jyl for completing your first PQA and receiving a 4.13! Your intentional work efforts are reflecting in your score!

Extended Day Updates

Students that are excluded should not be allowed in the class without an email or a phone call to Sue or Beki.
Next PD date: January 18th NO SCHOOL FOR ANY STUDENTS
Go to the embedded link below and post a comment on "Ten Ways for Coaching Toward Youth Program Quality."

Early Childhood Updates