My Future

Lawson White

Naval Academy

After high school I plan on applying to the Naval Academy. I want to apply to the Naval Academy because it is just like going to the Military before college where you do not need to pay for your college. All your expenses are paid for by the school and each student earns a monthly salary to pay off the students expenses.
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Admission Requirements

The Naval Academy requires a GPA of 3.75 or higher. SAT scores are required to be 560-670 in SAT critical reading, a 610-710 in SAT Math. The Naval Academy requires a score of 30-36 on the ACT English and a score of 24-29 on the ACT Math. Some activities include men's varsity football, women's varsity basketball, men's swimming and diving and much more.

After the Naval Academy

After the Naval Academy I plan on enlisting into the actual military. Since I went to the Naval Academy when I enlist into the actual Military I will immediately become an officer which skips all of the enlisted ranks. Since I am already an officer I can make my way up the ranks faster.
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The Military

I plan on staying in the Military for around 10-15 years and then joining the reserves for the Navy. After I join the reserves I plan on moving to Arizona and start a family there. I will wait for when the reserves needs me to go to a certain location for them.
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