French Countries

Quebec City, Celsius v. Fahrenheit

Quebec City-The place to be

Quebec City, capital Quebec is both a monument to its past and a bustling modern city, with a perfect combination of both. Down at the ground level you will find antique-looking cafes, tea shops, and restaurants, while in the background lie high-rising business buildings and hotels. The city also has more common things like freeways and apartments.

Fahrenheit v. Celsius

How to measure temperature

The United States is the only country in the known world to use the Fahrenheit system of measuring temperature. In that system, freezing is 32 degrees and below, whereas boiling is 400 degrees. The Celsius system is much simpler; boiling is 100 degrees, and freezing is 0 degrees. It is by all other countries, including all francophone (French-speaking) countries. A comfortably warm temperature in Celsius would be 25 degrees (77 degrees in Fahrenheit). If the weather was 15 degrees Celsius, it would be cold outside.