A Separate Peace

By John Knowles


The climax of the book is when gene jolted the branch and Finney fell and broke his leg because that is when everything started going down hill. The resolution of the book is when Finny sadly does

Favorite Part

The beginning when Gene was looking around at Devon. I liked this part because I liked how descriptive it was.

Favorite Character

Finny is my favorite character because he likes to play sports and he is forgiving and a really good friend


The theme I think is memorable and competition.

Theme Quote 1

Memorable: "I went back to Devon school not long ago, and found it looking boldly newer then when I was a student there fifteen years before." (Knowles p.1)

Theme Quote 2

Competition: "If I was the head of the class and won that prize, then we would be even..." (Knowles p.23)