The Presidency of Andrew Jackson

Some of the major events during Jackson's presidency.

By: Brynn Havern

Killing The National Bank

Jackson wanted to destroy the National Bank. He believed it was corrupt and only helped the rich, plus he had a personal conflict with Nicholas Biddle, the President of the National Bank. Then, after being elected for the second time, Jackson uses his Presidential Veto to destroy the Bank. After it is destroyed, the economy collapses, leading to a period of depression.

Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency, he passed the Tariff of 1828 and 1832. The South became mad and South Carolina threatens to secede, because they rely on imported goods. Congress then passes the Force Bill, that forces South Carolina to pay their taxes. The bill uses the army to enforce it. Eventually, the government agrees to lower the taxes and South Carolina agrees to pay.
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Indian Removal Act

Many people wanted the Natives gone so they could move to their land. The Native's land was good for growing crops and it had lots of gold. The Natives tried to resist and fight but failed. Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act that exchanged the Natives lush land in Georgia for less desirable land in Oklahoma. The Georgia militia rounded up Natives and pushed them to reservations.
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Jacksonian Cartoon

The artist shows that Jackson is like a king and dictator. It shows him holding the veto because the artist believes he over uses it. He is also standing on the Constitution, like he is above it.

Letter from the Editor: Southerner

Jackson is horrible! I mean, sure he moved all of the Natives so we could have their land, but still! He added tariffs to imported goods (the only way we made money) and he destroyed the National Bank, leaving us extremely poor. I want him out of office! He said he would help the poor men but he has just it worse.

Letter from the Editor: Factory Worker

Now that Jackson has moved the Natives, I can move to start a new business! Thank you Jackson! The nullification crisis didn't bother me at all since I'm a northerner. The National Bank being destroyed did hurt the economy and make me poor, but I'm going to make the money with my new buisness. Jackson is the best!