They gave everyone something to cheer for

What The Story Is About

Will Tyler is a 14-year boy who loves football and lives in a town that was hit hard when the local money-making company, Forbes Flyers, went out of business. Even worse, football is about to be taken away from them when they discover the town council won't provide funding for the team and the team can't find enough players to field a team. Despite all odds, they get a little help from New Balance and find enough players to field a team, including a girl. Even crazier, they somehow make it to the league championship game with only 10 available players, with his best friend moving and their quarterback out for the season with an injury. However, the town rallies around them, the Bulldogs win the championship, and they give everyone reason to believe.

The Characters

Among the main characters in the book, I related to Will Tyler the most because we are both are backs and both love football. There were no characters that I disliked, as all of them were likable characters who made the book more interesting and more enjoyable to read. The characters were also similar to others that I've read that have all been written by author Mike Lupica.

The Theme

Throughout the story, Mike Lupica continues to prove the theme that miracles can happen. From asking New Balance to help finance their team to actually having a season and winning the championship, anything is possible.