Plymouth Colony

The Unknown Life

By: Ellen Eisert


If you don't known many facts about Plymouth read on, read on. Establishing Plymouth was a very big deal, it started America. The Pilgrims came to Plymouth for a new life, new church, and new religion. In America the Pilgrims met indians and the indians helped the Pilgrims survive. Those are important facts about Plymouth Colony.


Establishing Plymouth

Plymouth grew as a colony quickly and so did the population. People came to Plymouth by three boats. One in November, 1621, and two in July 1623. Plymouth succeeded in the Winter because of the help of the indians and fur trades with England. The Pilgrims built small houses, churches and farms. Once the Pilgrims had built the town, population grew and they had food, Plymouth was an official colony.

Making Friends

If it wasn't for the Indians many Pilgrims would have died. One day the Pilgrims came in contact with a Native American named Samoset who could speak English. Samoset brought the leader of his tribe, named Squanto and brought him to meet the Pilgrims. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to grow crops and hunt animals. That's why the Indians helped the Pilgrims.

Church in Plymouth

Church was very important. On Sundays all of the Pilgrims woke up thinking about god by law and then went to church at the meeting house for 2 hours. When lunch came everybody would go home, eat lunch and then went back to the meeting house. All churches were plain, they did not have music, statues, and colorful windows. That is what church for the Pilgrims was like.

Pymouth Closing

Those are many things you might not know about Plymouth colony. Like how Squanto helped the Pilgrims grow crops. How Plymouth grew and succeeded as a colony . Finally how church was like for the Pilgrims. That was the unknown life of Plymouth colony.