Why can’t we beat viruses?

Maria Garcia

How a Virus Works

  • as soon as a virus enters the body it tries to attack a cell
  • if our immune system can identify the virus as a virus, it will kill it
  • if our immune system can not identify the virus as a virus, infection will begin
  • once inside the cell, the virus will infiltrate its machinery and begin to duplicate
  • then the virus will destroy the cell and move on to other ones
  • at this point the immune system can stop the virus

*Viruses are the most common biological unit on Earth*

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How To Stop a Virus

  • the body has a defense mechanism (fever, vomiting, inflammation etc.) that helps destroy the infection
  • the immune response also has acquired immunity, which does not allow the same virus to happen twice

Why Doesn't Vaccination Work Against All Types of Viruses

  • the immune system works by recognizing the proteins in viruses
  • in some viruses the proteins are always changing and our body is not able to recognize them

What Can We Do To Prevent Viruses

  • stay at home if you have a virus to avoid it spreading
  • wash your hands and clean surfaces often