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January 2016

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Talking to Mrs. Stevenson by Madi Kammer

Hi gators it is January, and this month’s trait is Positive Attitude. Going into 2016 and the second semester it is important to have a Positive Attitude, so you are successful inside the classroom and out.

Mrs. Stevenson makes professional and personal goals, at the start of the new year. What are your goals? Setting goals is part of a reflective practice, which helps us use our Gator G.R.E.A.T.S especially, having a positive attitude.

Shout out (a special one) to everyone that helped with The Evening with Santa. I hope everyone enjoyed their time away from South Creek to enjoy the holiday season with their families and friends. Speaking of holidays, what items did you get from Santa? Write them down and send it to me.( I am at 325 Trustworthiness Court And send it through gator mail) I am very excited to see what you guys got. I might think about putting some in next month’s paper.

Keep looking out for information about College and Career Week. And family Game Night . Tell me what you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a singer and a baker also a karate superstar.

I have a Question for your parents have you liked South Creek’s Facebook page if not PLEASE DO IT NOW IT HAS A LOT OF INFORMATION ABOUT THIS YEAR! My motto for South Creek is “We are gators and we know it”

Bye guys tune in. next time maybe even get your name in the paper. This was Madi Kammer from the Gator Gazette coming in with some big news!


Tuesday, January 5th -- PTO Meeting @ SC Media Center 7:00pm

Friday, January 8th -- Gator Gear Day!

Thursday, January 14th -- Spirit Night @ Chick-Fil-A

Monday, January 18th -- MLK Day -- No School (unless a snow make-up day is needed)

January 19 - 22 -- College and Career Week

Wednesday, January 20th -- Spelling Bee

Friday, January 22nd -- Riley Hat Day! (Bring $1 for Riley to wear a hat for the day)

Friday, January 22nd -- PTO Family Game Night @ 7pm

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Parents: Looking For Employment? Don’t want to work Full Time?

Become a Substitute Teacher In

Franklin Township Community School Corporation

And enjoy flexibility at work.


  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Completed a minimum of 30 college credit hours. HR will waive the 30 college credits for a parent. A Parent Sub will only be allowed to work at the school their child(ren) attend.
  • Background check from Safehiring. Link provided on home page
  • Hold a valid non-expired Indiana teaching license or Indiana substitute teaching permit. To apply for a substitute teaching permit, go to


  • You are expected to be at the assigned school on time and dress professionally/appropriately for your assignment. Read through the teacher's prepared lesson plan and do your best to follow the instructions left by the teacher.

Please apply online at

Equal Opportunity Employer

NFL Playoffs are Coming by Cooper Mills

This month starts the NFL playoffs (the road to Super Bowl 50). The Panthers are doing really good. They have a good chance of winning this year. Last year in Super Bowl XLIX the Patriots won vs the Seahawks, 28-24.

My prediction is that the Patriots will win vs the Bengal’s in the AFC championship.

I predict that the Packers will win vs the Panthers in the NFC championship.

My final prediction is that the Packers will win vs the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Who do you want to win Super Bowl 50?

Talking to Teachers by Christian Castillo

This month I interviewed your favorite Mrs. Curtis. To me she said that for Christmas she will be spending time with family members and eating lots of food [Family+Food=Happy]. She even added her New Year’s resolution. It is that she always want to be thankful to her friends & family[and us GATORS!]. This month she didn’t add a quote so I guess this the end . Thank you gators and stay tuned to “Talking to the Teachers”!!

The Polar Express by Rachel Snow

Guess what happened at South Creek….The Polar Express!

Every year the fourth graders of South Creek do a musical called the POLAR EXPRESS! It is based off a famous book that people read around Christmas. The kids act out the Polar Express and sing songs including, Hot Chocolate, Santa got a cold on Christmas, and Wishing on a star. The fourth graders invited all of South Creek’s students to see it. The fourth graders put in a lot of work into it. We hope all the kids enjoyed it.

Students at South Creek - Emerson Ashman by Jaden Ashman

Q: What grade are you in?

A: 5th

Q: What class are you in?

A: Mr. Roets

Q: What is your favorite subject to learn?

A: Writing

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: Playing outside

Q: What is your favorite candy?

A: Hershey’s Chocolate

Q: What is your favorite soda?

A: Dr.Pepper

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: Soccer

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Purple

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Spaghetti

Q: How long have you been here?

A: 2 years


Hey Gators! Did you hear about the IMPD ceremony last month? We had three gators representing South Creek! Those gators were myself, Jaden Ashman, and Sienna Garcia. Jaden Ashman got first place. I got an honorable mention and Sienna got an honorable mention also. Wait to go Gators!

Guess the Movie by: Rachel Snow

Mike and Sully go to college

Mike and Sully get kicked out of the scaring program

They join Usma Kampa and Participate in the scare games.

They go all the way and win!

Mike and Sully get trapped in the human world.

What movie is it………….It’s
Monsters University

Guess the Book by Cami Bland

HI gators! How is it going? Well, it’s me, Cami with a book review for the month of January.

In this book there is a girl who was enchanted at birth. She was given the gift of obedience. Some of the stories that have been told of her obedience have become memories. Like the one on her 8th birthday. Her cook gave her some cake and immediately said eat, of course the girl obeyed and dove into the cake right away. Until someone said stop she ate. She had to be obedient at all times.

If you can tell me the story, you win! And you get your picture on the Gator Gazette!

The New Year by Madi Kammer

Hi, I am Madi and this is the importance of the New Year.

It all started when Mr. Roets became stricter to Cami. He said that “ it is a new year and I will be less strict” and that is his new year resolution.

A new year resolution is when you challenge yourself to something you think you need to be better at. Here are some ways that you could be nicer here at South Creek: 1) Say nice compliments to the lunch ladies. 2) Give your teacher flowers for being an awesome teacher.

That is why a new year can be so important. Don’t forget you need to challenge yourself to something new and most importantly have fun, but be safe.

What They Wanted Most for Christmas by Emerson Ashman

Alexa Ashman- movie player

Rachel Snow – world peace and Xbox Live

Madi Kammer- duffle bag

Faith Wheatley - boots

Christian Castillo- Lamborghini

Miss Butz – rest and relaxation

Kara Murphy – camper

Jaden Ashman – iPad

Eva Atkins - Phone

Emily Roman - DS

Alex Dolan - clothes

Addison Harris - clothes

Elizabeth Hayes - laptop

Abigail Mikus - roller skates

Olivia Daughtery - Wubble Bubble

Cooper Mills - Hot Cheetos

Gators of the Month

Congratulations to these Gators of the Month for December. Way to show your Gator G.R.E.A.T.S. Traits!

Miss Butz: Shyla Tromley

Mr. Froning: Ryelle Koomler

Mrs. McNamee: Chace Calderone

Mrs. Miller: Riley Sheler

Mrs. Monday: Abby Lemus

Mrs Emerine: Charles Moore

Mrs. Mitchell: Rylee Wirkkala

Miss Swanson: Tegan Jones

Mrs. Sweetman: Adam Soboleski

Mrs. Webb: Kate Gilkison

Mrs. Bryant: Amirah Reliford

Mrs. Burns: Jamia Walker

Mrs. Fortner: Clayton Franks

Miss Moody: Brooklynn Colip

Mrs. Nurnberger: Elizabeth Thin Yu

Mrs. Golden: Sydney Hayes

Miss Reynolds: Isaiah Neawedde

Miss Trieb: Charlie Wood

Miss VanDeLaarschot: Emma Bailey

Mrs. Huber: Kyra Keough

Mrs. McIntire: Charlie Berns

Mrs. Sirilla: Olivia Hagan

Mrs. Turner: Alex Johnson

Mrs. Bassett: Will Coffman

Mrs. Hayes: AJ Hedden

Miss Moore: Hailey Hunter

Mr. Roets: Bryston Collins

Mrs. Conrad/Art: Quesely Harper

Mrs. Curtis/Gym: Tommy Baker

Mrs. Mappes/Music: Mason Harvey

Thurston/Green/Library: Weston Harvey

Mrs. Cade: Cadee Lively

It's not too late to join the South Creek PTO!

Have fun while helping our school!

South Creek Elementary School

Toni Stevenson, Principal

Nancy Rowland, School Treasurer

Marilyn Kellum, Receptionist

School Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 8:50-3:50

Wednesday (Early Release Day) 8:50 - 3:20