Macbeth Act 5 Scene 1

1971 Roman Polanski vs. 1948 Orson Wells

Book vs. Films

Version one was more acurate to the book with the way the setting would be in the actual play and the way Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a character, they way she is crazy but calm about her guilt.Version three was more intersting because it was all in black and white and Lady Macbeth is crazier in thie version then the other version, she screamed a lot more like someone was hurting her.

Crazy Lady Macbeth


The way Lady Macbeth was acting crazy and guilty is protrayed different from version to version, some directors maker her seem calmer and others crazier. It was helpful to add extra characters to a certain scenes even if they didn't have any lines, it made it easier to understand in some cases. Although each version is different the mood which is the most important, I think, came across the same.