YMS Mini Google Summit

#minigooglesummit May 9th, 2014

YMS Mini Google Summit

Friday, May 9th, 8-11:30am

York Middle School, York, NE, United States

York, NE

This event is hosted by the YMS Tech Class, and will be teaching people about Google Apps, and tools.


  • 8:00-8:05-Report to family for attendance and send to the gym
  • 8:05-8:40-Keynote Speaker in the Gym (Heather Callihan on Digital Citizenship)
  • Session #1 8:45-9:15
  • Session #2 9:18-9:48
  • Session #3 9:51-10:21
  • Session #4 10:24-10:54
  • Session #5 10:57-11:27

Secession names and descriptions

  • Google Maps:Learn to travel the world with Google Maps. This presentation will teach you the basics of Google Maps, how to get directions, and many more fun features!
  • Google Search:A Fun and Different View on Google Search
  • i Movie:Learn how iMovie works by joining together to make a comedy show! We will teach you how to film, upload, and edit an iMovie.
  • Google Calender:Keep track of your hectic day with google calendar.
  • Google Presentation:Learn how to create, present, and share a Google Presentation easily.
  • Google Drive:Learn all the tricks and treats of Google Drive.
  • Google Sites:Learn how to use and create your own personalized websites.
  • Google Docs:Make your own Google Docs with a fun educated twist
  • Gmail:Learn all about the cool gadgets Gmail has to offer.

Our guest speaker, Heather Callihan

A little about me: This is currently my sixteenth year in education. I come from a background teaching first grade and middle school technology classes. My current role is the District Technology Integration Specialist.I work directly with teachers in our district on integrating technology into their classrooms. Part of my job is to teach and promote a positive digital presence for students and staff. I do this by talking with students and staff, teaching our high school STOPiT class and modeling this as a professional.

YMS Mini Google Summit

If you have any questions about the upcoming Mini Google Summit please feel free to email Matt Maltsberger, call the school, or visit our twitter account.