Tarheels/ Team 1 Newsletter

December 12, 2014


Thank you to all our parent volunteers for your willingness to send in cupcakes, chips, and napkins. Please make sure your items are store bought and not homemade. According to school policy, items must be store bought.
If you are not committed to bring in any of the above items and would like to contribute candy canes or other treats please feel free to send these in as well on December 19th.
You should have received an email confirming the above contributions (cupcakes, napkins, chips) for our team. Please make sure these items are delivered to Mrs. Pavese's room, regardless of homeroom, no later than Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., December 19th.
Thanks again and we appreciate your generosity.


Please have your child check at home for any OUTSIDERS books they still haven't returned. We are currently missing 13 books which carries a heavy price tag if we have to repurchase.
If your child owes books to the media center presently or from previous schools they will not be able to attend the dance on December 12th and other events until the fine and/or book is returned.
Also, if you are out and about at any used book stores and find copies we would love for a donation of these. The books we currently have are in pretty sad condition.
Mrs. Pavese and Mrs. Canerday would be eternally grateful!

Academic Class Information

Language Arts

Students should have completed Chapters 12-15 this week. This week we focused on Symbolism in text and some classes wrote letters in First Person Perspective to our main character, Mattie's mother. We also looked at setting and its contributions to action in the story.
We will have a "timed" open book quiz on Monday on chapters 12-15.
Next week, we will be participating in an "Art Crawl" and reflection. Pieces of art will be examined from the time period and we will discuss historical accuracy and emotion portrayed in each piece.

1st and 3rd periods will need to remember your THINK TAC TOE is due on December 18th.


Mrs. Pitts is asking that if you have any sales flyers on hand and could donate those to her for an upcoming math project, please send them her way.

Math Group Tutoring and Afterschool Help Sessions CANCELLED FOR DECEMBER 15th.

Mrs. Pitts will not be here Monday-Wednesday due to Bus Training. No remediation will be taking place this week.


In 1st, 2nd & 4th periods students have been working on practical and real world math. We have been calculating tax, discount, simple interest and percent of change. They will begin their Christmas Budget project on Monday that includes calculating discount and tax to find the sale price. They will work on this during class on Monday and Tuesday. The project will be due on Thursday. If you have any additional sale papers/flyers, please send them in with your student.

In 3rd period, students are finishing up chapter 2 on proportionality and direct variation. They will take their Ch. 2 test on Monday and begin the Christmas project on Tuesday. The project will be due on Friday.

Please encourage your student to complete all homework on time and to make up any missing work. Also, encourage them to ask questions, if they do not understand what we are doing.


If your child is interested in participating in the Geography Bee, Mrs. McNuer will be conducting the qualifying test on Monday from 3-4. Please bring a note allowing you to stay after school. For more information please contact Mrs. McNuer.

Social Studies

This past week has found us smack in the middle of the Renaissance. We compared/contrasted more art (painting and sculpture), Brunelleschi's genius with his architectural wonder of the Duoma de Santa Maria del Fiore, and plenty of Math integration. We then delved into the sciences of Astronomy and Anatomy (and some more Math) when discovering the differences between Ptolemy's view of a geocentric (earth-centered) universe vs Copernicus' view of a heliocentric (sun-centered) universe----a view that Copernicus fairly accurately obtained from the sheer usage of mathematics (and later authenticated with Galileo's telescopic calculations). We pondered why the Church thought Ptolemy's view was rooted in biblical scriptures, and determined the context of those verses, as well as why there was fear of 'change'/science. Friday ended the week beginning to examine the Medieval "Zodiac Man" to determine anatomy vs. "The Father of Anatomy" (Andreas Vesalius) and his anatomical realism gained from dissecting corpses in attempt to gain true understanding of what body parts actually looked like and how they might work. We will finish Document D on Monday, briefly review, and continue the changes sparked by the Renaissance religiously by beginning the Reformation. The students have been excited with our studies. Ask them to share with you what they have been eagerly learning.


This week students will begin learning about human body systems. For each system students need to learn the purpose of the system, the organs in the system, and how the organs function. Students will learn how all body systems interact to maintain homeostasis. The Human Body System PPt and other class documents can be found under the Class Documents tab on Ms. Peck's webpage.