MRMS Latin Updates

Salve! A Classroom Update, 4/6/16

Grade 7 Latin

Next week, on Wednesday 4/13, grade 7 students earned the privilege to see a performance of "A Visit by a Pompeian Slave" by retired Latin teacher and Fulbright Scholar, Mr. Douglas Ryan ( This presentation will take students through a very personal recollection of the day Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. A big thanks to the Classical Association of New England ( for providing a grant to make this possible!

Grade 6 Latin

Ubi est Italia? We have been working with Latin texts that describe a map of the Roman empire. Your students created their own maps this week, and held simple conversations (Q&A) in Latin with their group members while they were working. Mirabile auditu!

Grade 5 Latin

Here, we are talking about the Romans' idea of the beginning of the world and the first people. Students were then able to create their own Eras (from imaginary history) and describe, in Latin, what might have happened then. The creativity was impressive!

Grade 5 Families: Thank you for your patience about grades on Aspen this week as I've been battling the flu. Look for a large influx of grades into the online grade book Friday afternoon!

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