Water Lily


Water Lily

There is a pond

In a place

No one can see.

The water ripples across

The clear pond,

Covered in the leaves

All connected

To one water lily,


Quiet, quiet, quiet.

No one can hear

The wistful silence

Of the pond.

The water is cool,

Refreshing, and seems

To sparkle with the tears

Of the pond

That no one can feel.

The water lily

With its fragrant scent

Is mysterious and heartwarming

But there is no one there.

And the water would be

Crisp and cool and sweet

But no one is there.

The pond is


But no one

Is there.

And no one

Can tame it.


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Zoe is in seventh grade and loves to write poetry and fiction. She first started writing and illustrating in kindergarten; her first story ever is called “Spring Is Here.” She still has it. Zoe started writing poetry after reading Where the Sidewalk Ends. One of her favorite poets is Maya Angelou, the writer of her favorite poem (currently), "Still I Rise." When she is not scribbling down ideas on spare napkins, she can be found up in her room playing her saxophone or at the pool swimming laps.