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Seahorses get their names because of their profiles from the side view a Seahorses resembles a horse. Seahorses will he found near the top of the ocean.Seahorses have special features.A seahorses eats variety of food.Seahorses are fascinating.


You wouldn't see a seahorse galloping through field instead. it is swimming slowly in the water. These amazing creatures can be found all around the world, like shallow coastal waters. Typically you can find seahorses resting with their tail wrapped around coral and seagrass.The like that the seahorse is different then all right lace up a seahorse is different then a life of a fish.


Seahorses are unique to any a these fish in the water.Unlike other fish, seahorses swim allergically upright.While the use fins to move through the water they aren't able to maneaver as wall as fish that swim hoizotally. Seahorses are poors swims if seahorses are cought in rough water, they can actually die of exhaustion since they aren't good swimers. Finally seahorses can change color they can use this color changing ability to blend into their surroundings.Seahorses have many different features


Do you know what seahorses eat.Bone plates acts like a suit of armor to protect the seahose from predators the seahorses from predators seahorses have long snouts which suck up tood. They are big eaters. Grazing continuously throughout plants or crustaceans and shrimp. Seahorses have a special way to eat it's food.


Seahorses are fascinating animeals. Seahorses are located at the top of the ocean. Seahorses change color protect from predators .Seahorses eat many things in the ocean. Seahorses are magificant animals.


continuously- to do something without stopping

crustaceans- a type of animal such as a crab or lobster

grazing- to feed on growing herbage


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"Seahorses" by Jonne McCosker

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