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Fall Testing for Online Families K-5

The Importance of NWEA

Parents and Guardians,

NWEA is right around the corner and we just wanted to take a minute to express the importance of these assessments. The NWEA MAP Growth Assessment is given three times throughout the calendar year (fall, winter, and spring) and is used to help students and staff prepare for the MAP Assessment. This is not for a grade and will not be on any report cards.

Not only does this assessment help prepare students for the MAP but Park Hill has a tool (Pathblazer) that pulls data from the NWEA and uses it to assign assignments to help students grow academically. This tool can be used for enrichment and remediation. This amazing resource will be used by all teachers, both in-person and online.

As we prepare for the fall window, we want to provide you with some more guidance about what to anticipate. Please reach out for any questions or concerns.


Dr. Todtfeld and Mrs. McQuinn


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Notes To All Online Learners...

Parents and Guardians,

Your student will be asked to take the NWEA MAP Test during the school day. Your assistance will play a huge part in helping your student succeed. Each online teacher will have days set-aside to assist your student, while you also assist at home, during the testing times and dates listed in a separate correspondence from your teacher.

Each classroom will be broken into testing 'groups'. This will allow for more one on one assistance from the classroom teacher as well as help with the NWEA Online- Testing Platform your student will use. If you encounter any technical difficulties each teacher will be available via phone.

Mrs. Davis' K/1st Grade Class will test using their iPads. The students will use the NWEA Testing App already loaded on their iPad. Once the student logs into the Testing App, the student will be 'locked' into the test meaning the student cannot leave the test until the test has been completed. Ms. Davis' will be reaching out with more information for each family.

Ms. Faron, Ms. Hayes, Ms. Beaver, and Ms. Severn's classes will test using their laptops. All Students will test through the URL: The student will log in through Chrome. Each teacher will be reaching out with more information for each family.

Your student's teacher will notify you of your student's testing group. Please be on the lookout for this information. Please be available at those times to support your child’s testing!


Please be on the lookout for communication from Mr. Kikoler on when your student will be taking the NWEA.

Mr. K is working with each individual online teacher and will determine testing times based on each student's work time during the school day.

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In a typical test administration, a proctor (usually the teacher) plays a key role in actively facilitating a test session, building and encouraging student engagement during the test, ensuring test security, and responding to the needs of students in real-time. Please help us to maintain the best possible testing environment for your student by helping to prepare using the guidance below.

Below is a PDF document that should help give guidance as you and your student(s) prepare and test during the Fall 2020 NWEA window.

Please read through the document carefully. It has helpful technology tools and tips you can use as your student takes his or her NWEA test.

If you need technical assistance, please feel free to reach out to the technology department at 359-5000.

There are other helpful links for families. They are:

NWEA Family Toolkit

Family Guide to MAP Growth

We know this whole process is new to you. It is also a new process for us as well.

Please remember, we will do our best to assist you if you need it. If you have technical concerns, please call 359-5000 prior to asking your classroom teacher.

Please do not give your student answers to the test. This test is important for your student in many ways. This test will give data to the classroom teacher on interventions needed, and direct instruction needed for each individual child. Please, do your best and support your student but please do not provide answers.

If you have specific questions related to our online NWEA Testing this fall, please feel free to reach out to your teacher, Dr. Todtfeld or Mrs. McQuinn at 816-359-4380.