Grizzly Gazette

Issue 2, Year 37

Editor: Neve Boudreau

Fun Page: John McStarvick

Advisors: Mrs. Barbosa and Mrs. Wolf

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New Start

By Constanca Rebouco and Maddie Speigel

DMS is a great school! This year there are a lot of new teachers and staff members. Mrs.Petty, Mrs.Conroy, Mr. Rafter, etc. are all new DMS teachers. There have been many signups and sports tryouts in the past month. All these sports, clubs, and teachers are here to help you reach your goal. There will be announcements on that topic so if you are interested, pay attention. And if you don’t have an interest, it still isn’t a bad idea to sign up for something that sounds like fun to you. Because as the title states, New Start!

Sports: Feild Hockey

By Brooke Obuchowski

Dominique Cameron and Maddie Moore are both 6th graders on the DMS field hockey team. “I think it means being a good team member and trying really hard. I really like the school team because we’re doing something good for our school.” says Dominique.

Maddie Moore states, “I think it means to work together, cooperate, and not be a ball hog. I think it’s amazing, and fun, but challenging at times.” Great season girls!

Sports: Cross Country

By Neve Boudreau

Cross country is the sport where 100 runners, broken into groups of 6th&/8th grade, compete against other schools to determine who has a chance at landing a spot as one of the 15 members competing at the meet of champs. The team was able to dominate every race at all levels. Mr. Mongo says, “ My goal is for every kid to enjoy themselves, get a freeze pop every meet or practice, and improve their time”. He encourages kids to join next year and says that all you need is a love of running to join. It looks like it's going to be a great cross country season.

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Clubs: Student Council, Following Information is Provided by Olivia Scklosky

Student Council Representatives:

President: Christopher James

Vice President: Olivia Schlosky

Treasurer: Michael Digney

Secretary: Ryan Saracino

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How to Be Successful in DMS

By Umut Ozdemir

Middle school is an important transition for teens from elementary and high school. There are a lot of things that you have to do in order to be successful in middle school. First, be prepared. Make sure you have all the materials you need. Come to school consistently. A bad attendance can force you to catch up a lot. Being organized can help you because you’ll lose less important papers such as notes and homework. Try not to be late and be in class on time. Then to be successful in class make sure you pay attention in class. By paying attention you will be able to understand lessons better. Study after school so you can master the lessons you are being taught. If you’re having trouble you can contact your teachers and you can stay after school. Respect others around you including peers and teachers. Respect school property.. Manage your time so you have time to learn and study but also free time. If you do all these things you have a very good chance to successful in middle school and beyond. These traits will help you in high school and college.

Fun Page

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