Source Analysis Artifact

By Jaya S and Kayla B

Source Analysis Artifact (OPVL)

Artifact: Shabti

Origin: Egypt; Primary source

Purpose: To accompany the dead in the afterlife.

Value: These give insight to Egyptian beliefs of death and what the believed was necessary.

Limitation: The dolls alone do not provide information on what began this belief and if these figments were made to represent loved ones, or only serve as companions and servants.

Artifact: Make-Up Pot

Origin: Egypt; Primary Source.

Purpose: These were used by Egyptians to hold things like their eye makeup.

Value: These show that make up was commonly used in Egypt.

Limitation: These alone do not show how much may have been used daily, or only for certain occasions.

Artifact: Eye of Horus Amulet

Origin: Egypt; Primary Source

Purpose: Amulets were often used to receive power or protection.

Value: These give insight to Egyptian beliefs.

Limitation: The amulet alone does not provide information of whether it was for protection or power.