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You are invited to a very important meeting that will discuss our need for foster parents. So many children do not have the care they need to be happy and successful. Please attend this meeting, it is very important that our volunteers know all the important information to be a foster parent. Thank You

Dallas Morning News

A young girl by the name of Janine, is stuck in a video game at Rasmussem Gaming Center.

Janine went inside the gaming center not expecting anything out of the ordinary, she payed for thirty minutes of game time and picked out the game Heir Apparent. The games at Rasmussem are special games where you go into a virtual world where you can eat, sleep, talk, and complete quests.

When you are in the game you are unaware of your real surroundings. As Janine was playing, robbers broke into the game pulling wires and causing real danger to everyone playing a game.

Because of this event Janine will not be pulled from the game for risk of brain damage. She must complete the entire game in order to escape the game unharmed. Chances are very slim because Heir Apparent is one of the hardest games in the store. Janine is only on the first level of the game and she most likely won't survive the damage the game will cause.