April IES Newsletter

This Month's Literacy Update

Ways I Can Support Your Work....

  • Data analysis, reflection, and planning
  • Questions about submitting final reflection for Action Research
  • Plan, teach, reflect with you on ideas or something you want to change or soemthing new you are trying

April Information

  • There will be no morning discussion groups during the month of April

---Thank you to all who participated. We will be back in action in May!------

  • Action Research final reflection is due April 10
  • Info on DAT team will be coming soon

Fun Facts About April

April brings poetry, Earth Day, and PSSA's. Did you also know...

  • April 4 --National Tweed Day
  • April 7 -- No Housework Day
  • April 23 ---Take a Chance day
  • April 30 --National Honesty Day
Need more information on anything included?

Let me know!

Janis Rindone

Rm 7, Ext:5264