Weekly Pre-Shift Notes

April 8th 2016

New Tip Claiming Procedure

Effective immediately all tipped staff must claim only their cash tips. Credit Card tips will be automatically claimed. You will be able to see your total tips claimed on your pay stub.

Credit Card Swiping Errors

Please pay close attention when verifying credit cards. Make sure to double check that you are on the correct table and seat number. Because once you swipe a card it cannot be reversed! It will take an average of 3 banking days for any unused verification to come off their pending transactions. You should always bring it to the attention of the guest when an error is made so they know what to expect. Bring any issues to your manager.

Reservation Guidelines

Your help in taking phone calls regarding reservations is very much appreciated. Please be sure you are following these guidelines while doing so:

1. Any reservation more than 12 people must be approved by a manager and entered into Open Table and the reservation book.

2. Reservations taken through Open Table must be seated or marked as a no show. This is a service that both the Brewery and the guest pay for so please try to be accurate.

3. Any party of 30 or more must choose one of our banquet packages. Refer them to our website for more information.

Table and Section Switching

Servers may not switch tables, sections or sidework without prior manager approval. Giving tables away in your section should only happen if you are extremely busy and cannot give the guests good service, but you still need manager approval.

Tommy Edwards & Carolina Lightnin'

Saturday, April 16th, 7pm

120 Lowes Drive

Pittsboro, NC

Official start to our patio music season starts with this great local bluegrass artist. We will have music every Saturday from 7-9pm on our newly revamped beer garden stage.