By Logan Ace


In this article you will learn all about baseball. You will learn how they hit,catch the ball,pitch the ball and positions in baseball. I hope you learn a lot!


In this section you will learn about hitting. If you hit the ball it is called a base hit. If you mess it is called a strike. If you hit the ball in the crowd and fairball it is called a home run!


In this section I will teach you about catching. They have to run if it is far away and sometimes they slide to catch the ball.


in this section you will learn all about pitching. They have to pitch in the strike zone.If they miss it is call a ball.


In this section l will teach you all positions. There are outfielders. A short stop,first base men, second base man and third base man. A pitcher and a catcher.

Fun Facts

Did you know that girls play baseball to?

Did you know that bases are 90 feet apart?

Did you know that lorenzo cain can run 270 feet in 10 seconds?


Walk: when the pitcher throws 4 balls it is a walk

Error: that means that your team or the other team made a mistake.


In this article you learned new things about baseball. You learned pitching, catching, hitting and positions in baseball.

The Rules of Baseball : How to Hit a Baseball