An Ugly Beast Finds Love


Love can look beyond what's on the outside

The theme of the book was that love can always look beyond outwards appearances. This just means that even if someone doesn't look too appealing on the outside, you should give them a chance, because you can't judge a book by its cover. For example Kyle, the main character, used to judge people by their looks right away but after turning ugly himself, he was able to think about it a little more. He even proved it by saying, "People make such a big deal about looks, but after a while, when you know someone, you don't even notice anymore...". This simply says that after a while, you are able to see that even if someone has a beautiful outer appearance, that's not all that matters. He also later is able to say, "Just because something is beautiful, doesn't mean it's good." This portrays the theme of love going beyond appearances, because it tells how beauty doesn't give away what's on the inside.

A love that seems impossible through appearances becomes possible, and love breaks the curse.

Beastly is a book about Kyle. He's the popular kid at school that everyone wants to be like. He knows that he's all that, and is very vain about it. His pride takes over and sets off the temper of a witch. The witch puts a curse on Kyle to take away all his looks and make him looking like a....beast. The deal is that she will turn him back to his old looks if he can find someone who can truly love him within two years. It's a very hard challenge for him because he's so cocky. He goes through many hard times because his father won't accept his new looks, and he's too ashamed to go outside of his apartment. Eventually, he is able to find a girl, Lindy, who he would've judged her as a dork, but he is able to accept her as she accepts him. They learn to love each other, and this love is what breaks the curse.

Alex Flinn

Alex Flinn was born in Long Island, New York on October 23, 1966. Her mom had asked her when she was 5 if she'd wanted to become an author. She nodded and so her mom would send every poem that she brought home into Highlights or Cricket magazines. She loved reading and writing, and that's what inspired her to become and author. She started writing her first novel in college, and has written more novels ever since. Her book Beastly has been a California Young Reader Award nominee, Grand Canyon Young Readers Award, VOYA Review Editor's Choice, and many more awards in various states.