Aidan Kessinger

Written by: Jessica Khoury

Published by: Razorbill

ISBN: 9781101604533

Genre: Science Fiction/Realistic Fiction


Sophie Crue is a teenager who lives a normal everyday life. One day she gets an email from her mother, who she hasn't seen in a very long time. Sophie then goes to find her mother, in hopes of finally reuniting with her. The plot of this story is rarely a plateau and always has a dramatic scene being envisioned in your mind. The story leaves you with a false sense of security as it draws you into its character's position. For instance, when Sophie is switched with her Vitro* clone twin, Lux she is scared out of her mind. She panics because she is in an unknown environment and is being treated like a lab rat. Vitro bolstered its language use by using foreign references such as locations and settings. Khoury chose Guam as the starting setting to try leave us with an unfamiliar "world" in which we are interested to learn about. Since we, the target audience* are most likely foreign to the knowledge of this place we are immediately hooked in. Khoury also appeals to both genders by creating a destined romance between a childhood friend and Sophie and a dramatic plot. I think that Khoury excellently hooked us in to her story. Next, Khoury created excellent visionaries by elaborating on every aspect of every detail. An example of this is when Sophie arrived in Guam Khoury said " the turmoil in Sophie's stomach." to explain her hunger. Finally, Khoury is adept in the use of real world application. She linked real world discoveries to her topics and went on about them. An example of this is the real life Vitro project, which is currently in its testing phase. The level of understanding of literature that Khoury has is outstanding, and deserves a reward.

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Definitions and Vocabulary:

Vitro (Vee-h-tr-oh): A clone or replicate of a person, animal, or life form.

Target Audience: Americans