Message From Lydia

As channeled by J. Mandeville

What is it like to be a spirit guide?

Dear Ones,
Greetings from "this side" of the veil between this world of spirit and your world of incarnation. There are those of you that wonder, what is it like to be a spirit guide? I am happy to share with you a few details of information to give you a glimpse into my way of being.

When we fully transition here, we are vibrating at a faster rate than here on earth. We match our current surroundings. Therefore everything seems solid to those of us in spirit. When we touch ourselves or others in spirit, we feel solid.

Spirit guides are just that, guides. One way we work with you is to send you a series of the same thought or idea. The thoughts seem like waves coming in one after another. If you have experienced this it was more than likely one of your guides or loved ones on this side sending you the information. We cannot take away your lessons in life for they are why you came here to learn. Your free will is very powerful and you make your own choices. Our role is to help you navigate your life and the choices you have made.

Everyone has several guides. Some are with you for certain "chapters" of your life while some are with you for quite awhile. We are not with you every moment. It may get boring for us to watch you empty your dishwasher,(smile). This gives us time as guides time to explore and advance on this side. Assisting you also helps us advance. We can only assist so much without your awareness. As you reach out to us and consciously ask us for help we can increase our "working" relationship with you.

Your guides are here for you and love you very much.

Hello Everyone,
I'd like to welcome the newest 40 people who have signed up for this newsletter. I have had a busy winter and spring visiting Spiritualist churches and conducting workshops.
I facilitated many past life regressions and did SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) sessions at The Blue Fairey store. My clients experienced deep healing and could feel the shifts in their daily lives. SRT never ceases to amaze me. Our souls have programs that have interferences running in them. We may see areas of our lives that seem stuck or repetitive. SRT clears these interferences, frees up the energy, and we are able to resolve our life lessons with a new clarity and freedom.

Blessings to all of you, have a wonderful spring!

5/15/16 New London Spiritualist Church, CT 10:30
5/22/16 The Blue Fairey, Workshop 2:00 Intro to the pendulum, 4:00 Meditation to meet with loved ones who have transitioned over
5/29/16 First Church of Divine Light, Hartford, CT 3:00
6/19/16 Albertson Church of Spiritualism, Old Greenwich, CT 11am
6/24/16 Transfiguration Workshop/Red Light Seance, Blue Fairey Shop
6/25/16 Mediums Day, First Spiritualist of Willimantic, CT 12-3
6/26/16 First Spiritualist of Willimantic, CT 10:30, 1-3pm Workshop:Intro to the Pendulum
7/2/16 Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp, Workshop-Clearing blocks to abundance
7/9/16 First Spiritualist of Onset, MA, Workshop-Meditation to meet your loved ones who have transitioned over, 1-3
7/10/16 First Spiritualist of Onset, MA 6:30
7/24/16 First Church of Divine Light, Hartford, CT 3pm
7/31/16 New London Spiritualist Church, CT 10:30
8/7/16 First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic, CT 10:30