Black boy, White school

Justin McRae A1 Benny

ALT nation

in the story "Black boy, White school" the main character Anthony, otherwise known as Tony, grew up in east Cleveland and got a scholarship to a school in Maine. well, the school in Maine is dominantly white, and the little amount of black people that are there are all weird and have different outlooks on how to survive in that school. The self induced solution was to try to fit in and not do anything wrong

Down In The Dumps

If I could remove one character it would be George. he really changes the way Anthony looked at the world outside of east Cleveland. George was an uncle tom so when Anthony would try to be his self, George would shoot him down. I think that if George wouldn't have been in the book, then it would have had another mood and would have been more exciting to read than it already was.

Best seller/ Discount shelf

In the book titled "Black boy, white school". The main character Anthony faces the problems of a young African American male living in the upper class region of Maine, where the population is dominantly Caucasian. I think the problems that he faces like not knowing anybody, and being the only black kid in the place that you live in are very accurate and are hard to cope with. I can relate because I felt like that once in this school when I first moved here in the tenth grade. All the people are white and the ones that weren't were weird. I felt I could really feel his emotions because the book felt like the book was written about me besides the scholarships and poverty stricken life
Im missing two sections because this is a remake and I cant recall certain quotes or ask and answer certain questions pertaining to the book.