Winsor Faculty Update

Spring Edition

RICAS Update

RICAS ELA administration will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd and Wednesday, April 3rd. Please see the schedule below:

RICAS 2019

Winsor- Master Testing Schedule

Tuesday- April 2nd: ELA Session 1

9:15- 12:00- Grade 5

9:20- 12:00- Grade 4

9:25-12:00- Grade 3

4G & KL- Switch Music class times

4L & KS- Switch PE class times

3B & 1D- Switch Music class times

3T& 1K- Switch PE class times

Wednesday- April 3rd: ELA Session II

9:15- 12:00- Grade 5

9:20- 12:00- Grade 4

9:25-12:00- Grade 3

4L & KL- Switch Art class times

4G- Health to be instructed at 1:55pm on 4/3

3T & 2M-Switch Art Class times

3B & 2D Switch PE Class times

***Students can be provided one short & supervised, 3-5 minute break during the testing window.

***Students can test right up to 12:00pm if need be.

***All students needing more time will be allowed to test after lunch.

Grade level administration training will be during CPT next week. A calendar invite has been sent to each team. Please review the Test Administrator Manual (TAM) that was placed in your mailbox prior to our meeting to ensure maximum efficiency. We will complete an infrastructure trial next week, too. More details to follow soon.

Collins PD

Teachers in Grades 3, 4, & 5 will have Collins PD at the Central Office Conference Room this Friday, March 22nd. Subs have been requested. Please bring your Collins materials and Chromebook. The schedule is as follows:

8:45am-10:30am- Grade 3

10:50am-12:35pm- Grade 5

1:20pm-3:05pm- Grade 4

Safe Havens Visit

To follow up on an earlier communication, Stephanie Prater from Safe Havens will be visiting Winsor on Tuesday, March 26th to observe our safety practices. To ensure the maximum amount of useful feedback, please follow our usual routines. Those staff members chosen for an interview have been notified.

Recess Rocks

Thank you to those who stayed recently to review our new recess games and protocols. Our students have already begun playing our three new core games: Switch, Four Square, and Wall Ball. Dawn Lavallee, our Recess Rocks trainer will be at Winsor next Wednesday, March 27th to watch our students in action.


The window for Surveyworks administration ends on March 31st. Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 can take the survey anytime between now and Friday, March 29th. Teachers should administer the survey at a time of their choosing between now and then, emailing me when students have completed the questionnaire.

The link is:

The student password: 31103student35

Teachers can take the Surveyworks questionnaire anytime but not later than Friday, March 29th. If competing priorities prevent you from taking the survey earlier, please take the survey during our student recognition assembly on Friday, March 29th at 10am.

The passwords:

Teacher- 31103teacher

Support Professional- 31103support

We are seeking 100% participation. Please help us continue the process of continual self-improvement. This data matters and informs our Growth Mindset. Also, at the student recognition assembly on Friday, March 29th, we will acknowledge those students that demonstrate a Growth Mindset. Having been in classrooms recently, seeing students reference and articulate Growth Mindset dispositions has been excellent. Please continue to send this message. As RICAS is approaching, it is imperative that our students put their best effort into the assessment. Thanks for your continued support.

I found this article to really nail the most salient points about a Growth Mindset disposition, for both students and adults. Do you make any personal connections to this reading?