Singing is Good For You!

singing has physical and emotional health benefits

Sining is a great feel-good activity!

Not only is singing physically beneficial, but it helps keep your mood up and positive! Singing is like eating a chocolate bar. The music you create elicits the same mental outcome as eating a box of chocolates. It releases the 'feel good' hormones called endorphins, causing you to feel happy, upbeat, and smily! It's even better because you don't take in all those calories!

Singing has tons of physical benefits, too!

Not only does belting out your favorite tune make you feel like a rock star, those great vocals also help you stay healthy! Singing is an aerobic activity, and even though you might not think about it, you're staying fit every time you do it. By increasing oxygenation in the blood stream, and exercising major muscle groups in the upper body, it's even good for you when you're sitting. So don't shy away from showing you're true star in the shower, its good for you!