The Falcon Community Newsletter

Volume 1 * Edition 11 * October 10, 2021

Principal's Corner

Falcon Community,

I am happy to report we had a productive and fun week. I was happy to see our students excited to be back on campus. It is gratifying to see students interacting with each other in the classrooms, asking questions to their teachers, and overall, learning.

Regarding COVID, I am happy to inform that we did not have a single positive case last week. We will continue to follow COVID protocols, and we will continue to inform and ask of our entire school community to protect each other by wearing facemasks and washing our hands. We continue to ask our parents to remind students to please brings a face mask to school. Please reinforce the message at home with your students, the only way we can protect each other is by wearing a face mask. Please explain to your students that we must wear our face masks properly.

Regarding academics, we will begin this week offering free tutoring services Mondays to Thursdays from 3:20pm to 5:20pm, we always have at least two teachers tutoring students. Our first Saturday Academy will be this coming Saturday, October 16 from 8am to 12 pm. Our Attendance team will contact students and parents inviting students to attend. Please know we will follow COVID protocols just like we do during the week. We are also going to invite teachers to bring students who need academic support. These students don't necessarily have attendance issues per say, but still need academic support. The focus for these Saturday Academies will be to help with learning loss mitigation and to improve student engagement.

Regarding Climate and Culture, we had a very positive week. Our Assistant Principals met with all our students to remind them of our expectations, and to remind them the Falcon Way of behaving at Hilltop Middle. We are emphasizing the Falcon Way which basically is to be Respectful, to be Responsible, and to be Resilient. We continue to meet with our teachers, and we provide them with training to continue being patient with our students, and we always ask our teachers to embed Social-Emotional Learning components to their lesson plans.

Additionally, our Assistant Principals shared with our students the implementation of our New Cell Phone Policy. At the beginning of this school year, we felt that students needed to communicate with their family during their breaks. However, we soon learned that many students were misusing their cell phones. We had students using cell phones to engage in cyber-bullying during school hours, others were texting to meet at specific locations either to play-fight or engage in unsafe practices. We also had to deal with students watching inappropriate material for teenagers during the school day. As a school, we believe that not allowing students to use their cell phones during the school day is the best decision for our students. We will inform, educate, and transition to this new no cell phone policy. I am asking my staff in general to be patient and objective during this transition.

I will share more regarding our new cell phone policy in our next Coffee with the Principal which will be on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. I hope I can see you at our next Coffee with the Principal.

I hope you find our newsletter informative.

Thank you.


Luis Aparicio


Hilltop Middle School

Relator – Learner – Achiever – Analytical – Individualization

Coffee with the Principal flyer

Please open up the Coffee with the Principal flyer to access the Zoom link. Thank you.

Cafe con el Director

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Assistant Principal's Reminders for Success!

This week through PE classes, the assistant principals presented to all students the behavior expectations refresher and updated cell phone policy. This was also emailed to all students and parents on Thursday.

As a reminder, cell phones are no longer allowed to be used or be visible while on campus. They should be completely put away as students enter campus.

As we begin to leave the hot days behind us and get into the crisp Fall morning, we would also like to remind students that pajamas are not an acceptable form of clothing for the school environment and are not allowed. This is outlined in the students handbook.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a great 2nd quarter!

Be in the Know!

Building a partnership with parents is the best way we will be able to best reach all students and prepare them for success! With this in mind, we will often publish trends to be aware of so that families are also on the look out at home and can engage in education conversations at home.

One trending item across the country is the monthly Tik Tok Challenges. These are small videos making a call to action for student to behave in rude, unsafe and inappropriate behavior, all for the purpose of catching it on video and publishing it for all to see. Below you will find an informational message sent by the district earlier this week addressing these Tik Tok Challenges. We ask parents to be on the look out for these behaviors and to discuss the negative impact this is having on schools so they are not a part of the problem, but rather, a part of the solution to bring it all to an end.

Tik Tok Challenge - Message from SUHSD

October 5, 2021

Dear Parent, Guardians, and Students,

Welcome back to the second quarter of the school year! We hope your break was restful and fun. As we return to instruction, there is an important issue we need to address as a school community.

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed some alarming challenges issued to students on Tik Tok. These challenges are illegal and have caused disruption to our learning environments and campus climate. The latest challenges, one which includes assaulting staff members, posted on this social media platform, raise major concerns for the safety of our students and staff. Please ensure that your children understand the severity of repercussions that may result if any of these challenges are initiated on a school campus.

Participation in these challenges will not be tolerated. As a District, we focus on providing a safe learning environment for our students as well as a safe working environment for our staff. It is essential that we work together to maintain safety on our campuses and minimize the impact of these misguided social media challenges that negatively impact our schools. As a restorative district, we believe in repairing the harm and addressing the problems immediately when an issue arises; however, this does not eliminate the disciplinary actions that may result from the execution of these challenges.

As your child returns to school, please reemphasize that their safety and education are our primary goals. It is imperative to leave these unproductive and potentially dangerous challenges off our campuses and let’s return to school committed to enjoying the academic and extracurricular opportunities that we offer to all our students. Welcome Back!

October Spirit Week

Parents, please encourage your students to participate in our Spirit Week. This is a way on how to connect with our school and participate and unite our student body. I will be dressing up and participating during the entire week for I want to connect with my students. I truly appreciate your support. Thank you!
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