Heads Up: Biome Project

Codologie-Science Integration

Hi, Stoddard 6th Grade!

It looks like mentors are introducing/continuing buttons this week. After that, they will teach students how to control LEDs with buttons. Then, I'd say about the week after next, they will introduce the showcase project: Biomes. Student choices are:

  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Temperate Deciduous Forest
  • Grassland
  • Tropical Rain Forest
  • Temperate Rain Forest
  • Desert (Hot)
  • Desert (Cold)

It's up to you whether you want to let them choose their biome or if you want to assign it.

If you want them to choose in Codologie, students will use Student-Paced Mode in Pear Deck to look through the short articles in one of the Benchmark Unit 3 small readers, "Land Biomes" and choose their top 3 choices. It's up to you and the mentors whether you want to allow duplicates.

To be clear: since the research project involves ELA and science standards, we ask that you support student research in class. Codologie time/mentors should be reserved mostly for the coding and building the physical project. However, if time is short, you could pull 1 student per team during Codologie.

Here's what we're telling them for the research project:

Big picture
You'll find the Presentation Template, a Sample Project, a scoring rubric, and links to recommended research resources on the Student Resource Site, under Winter Showcase > Biomes. Please let me know if you find/want anything else you'd like me to post there!

I'm thinking of having students score other teams to help them be aware of what each other is doing - thoughts on that and how it will work with the showcase?

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*Showcases will be during your normal time the week of Dec. 3.

Thank you so much for all you do!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!!!

-Heather Boling