The Native Americans of Texas

How did they live?

Where:The Coahuiltecans lives lived in Southern Texas. Food:Their main meat source was bison but they also hunted rodents, armadillo, and even lizards. These people also had a stable agriculture system. They harvested from native plants, beans, prickly pear fruit, nuts, and an assortment of roots. Shelter: They lived in round shelters that were covered with grass and plant material. Clothing: When they were out of the house, they would only wear shoe sandals if they were going hunting or going to walk hard earth. They dressed lightly, and worse mostly deer hides to cover what was necessary. How they Got Food: When they went to hunt, they killed prey with a wooden club or a bow and arrow. Mostly the men hunted larger game but both men and women went fishing.

How are they today?

Some decendants still live to tay but do mostly do not speak the Native language. Most of the culture would continue to thrive in Southern Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico.

Where again?

This tribe lived in Southern Texas, as described in this picture. This illustration also tells where other Native Americans lived.