Microwave Brochure

By: Alexis Romero Period-2 Lifetime Nutriton and Wellness

What is a Microwave Oven and how do you use one?

A microwave is a small oven that uses microwaves to heat or cook food.

To use a microwave you first need to look at the directions on the box of the item that you are cooking. Next You need to place the item on a plate or leave it in the packaging (depending on what the directions say) and place in the microwave for the required amount of time. Then you take the food out of the microwave and let stand for the required amount of time.

What is recommended for safe use of a microwave?

Some was to safely use a microwave oven is not to use the microwave if the door is bent, warped, isn't closing firmly, or is damaged. You an also follow the instructions in the instructions manual for recommended operating procedures and safety precautions.

Microwave Do's and Don'ts


-You should never microwave an egg because I will explode

- You also shouldn't deep fry in the microwave

- Lastly you should never microwave vegetables


-Use glass and ceramic containers

-You can also use paper plates, paper towels, and napkins

-Make sure the plastic containers aren't cracked.

Other info

- The first microwave was $5,000

- in 1946 an inventor named Percy Spencer invented the microwave