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October 23, 2021


Half-day dismissal: 11:55 a.m. Dismissal time: 3:38 p.m.

24-hour Attendance Line: 987-2625

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News from the desk of Principal Papes

Dear Alto Families,

Next week, we will celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 29th. The parade will start at 2:30 PM. Please see the attached map for the outside parade route and parent viewing areas. We encourage parents to attend the outside parade! In the case of inclement weather, students will parade in the building. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to attend if we are forced to hold the parade inside. Additionally, we are unable to have parent volunteers help with classroom parties/activities as we are still limiting the number of people in classrooms.

Students are encouraged to bring costumes to school to wear at their classroom events and the parade. Please note: Toy weapons, blood and gore are not allowed with costumes at school. Teachers will be communicating their requests for donated treats or other items. All treats need to be store-bought but not necessarily individually wrapped (no homemade treats please). We’re looking forward to this fun event!

Parade Procedures - October 29th - 2:30 PM

  • Please see the attached map for the outside parade route and parent viewing areas.

  • If you are taking your child home after the parade, you may sign them out with your child’s teacher. Please go to the exterior door of your child’s classroom. After signing them out, you will receive a ticket that can be shown to staff on your way out to the parking lot.

  • Our goal will be to have all parents leave the school by 3:15 PM to prepare for our dismissal process. This is especially important if parking in our bus zone, student pick up area, or any other area that would impede dismissal traffic.

Half Day on October 27th

Wednesday, October 27th will be a half day for students. Our half day dismissal time is 11:55 AM. During the afternoon hours, our dedicated teaching staff will be participating in district professional development.

Cooler Fall Temperatures/Recess

As we’re starting to experience some cooler fall temperatures, please be sure to send your children to school with some layered options. Recess is a favorite for many of our students and a great time to engage in unstructured play and get a break from the demands of the classroom. Our students have been doing a great job exhibiting Alto All Star (Safe, Thoughtful, Accountable, Respectful) behaviors in this environment!

Substitute Teachers Needed!

Have you considered being a substitute teacher? We are in need of more substitute teachers at Alto Elementary! Being a substitute teacher is a very flexible position. You can choose what days you want to work and what schools you want to teach in. In fact, we have some substitute teachers who choose only to teach at Alto. No prior experience is required. However, you must have at least 60 credit hours from an accredited community college or university. Please see the attached flier and contact Leslie Flickinger ( or Paul Papes ( if you are interested.

COVID-19 Mitigating Measures

Please review page 6 of the KCHD K-12 COVID-19 Symptom and Testing Protocol handbook. If testing is indicated, symptomatic individuals must receive a negative PCR test before returning to school. A negative antigen test will not be accepted in these situations. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this testing protocol.

We ask students and staff to stay home and seek a healthcare evaluation when exhibiting any one of the following symptoms: New cough, Loss of taste or smell, Shortness of breath.

We ask students and staff to stay home and seek a healthcare evaluation when exhibiting two or more of the following symptoms: Fever (measured or subjective), Chills, Headache, Extreme Tiredness/Fatigue, Sore Throat, New congestion or Runny nose, Body Aches, Nausea/vomiting or Diarrhea.

If a healthcare evaluation is indicated, a clear alternative diagnosis or negative COVID-19 PCR test will be needed before returning to school. Additionally, not fully vaccinated household members should also stay home until test results or healthcare evaluation results are back.

Kent County Health Department COVID-19 Toolkit for Schools and Childcare

K-12 COVID-19 Symptom and Testing Protocol

Enjoy the weekend!

Paul Papes


Alto Elementary

Lowell Area Schools

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Mark Your Calendar!

10/27: 1/2 day for students. Dismissal at 11:55 a.m.

10/28: 4Bu to WWC

11/04: 4Bo and 4M to WWC

11/18 and 11/19: 1/2 day for students. Dismissal at 11:55 a.m.

11/24-11/26: Thanksgiving Break

Breakfast and Lunch Menu week of 10/25


10/25: Mini Cinnis or Apple cinnamon beneFIT bar

10/26: Mini blueberry pancakes or Blueberry muffin

10/27: English muffin egg sandwich or Cocoa Puffs cereal bar

10/28: Strawberry cream cheese bagel or Blueberry muffin

10/29: Apple frudel or Apple cinnamon beneFIT bar

*each breakfast served w/ fruit, choice or cereal and milk


10/25: Carolina bird dog or PB&J fun lunch

10/26: Mini turkey corn dogs or Cheddar, grapes, cracker fun lunch

10/27: 1/2 Day, no lunch served

10/28: Orange chicken stir fry w/ rice or Nacho cheese fun lunch

10/29: Chicken strip/mozzarella stick combo or PB&J fun lunch

*each lunch served w/ fruit, veggie and milk

Alto Elementary Holiday Shop!!!

Alto Elementary will be hosting a Holiday Shop for any students who would like to shop during the school day. We are looking for parent volunteers to come in and work shifts. The link below takes you to a google doc where you can sign up for any shift in YELLOW. Please be sure to leave your name and email so we can contact you for verification as it gets closer.

*Volunteers will be required to:

1. read and sign a volunteer code of conduct

2. Fill out a Covid screener

3. Wear a mask.

More information will be sent to those volunteers who sign up. Thank you so much for considering helping out!