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Bret Johnson

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Thank you for taking time to peruse this collection of artifacts. They are chosen to emphasize my experience in leadership, my efforts to engage both my Kids, my colleagues, and my community in Deeper Learning, and also my commitment to the vision for Deeper Leaning in Hanover School Division.

Leadership - Leveraging Digital

In order to leverage the educational power of each teacher's iPad, the administration, Learning Coaches, and I have identified five apps for a focused study. The apps were selected with assistance from the book "Innovate with iPad" by Lirenman and Wideen.

The image below is the introductory hyperdocument where the teachers would identify one of the apps to explore and learn more about. There are links to tutorials, and each grade links to a page where discoveries can be noted. The collaborative features of google docs allow for the teachers to make note of and share their discoveries on a central resource.

You are invited to view to document HERE.

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For many of the technological services available to us, I've served as a guide to help orient my colleagues to the features of the software. Creating tutorial videos gives a simple outline of the service that teachers can also return to if needed. This is a tutorial video outlining the process for getting signed in to Cisco Jabber and the potential for its daily use.
Jabber Tutorial

Leadership - Professional Community

In addition to leadership opportunities within the school, I have also had opportunities to lead professional development sessions for colleagues in the greater school division. These are an important chance to learn and work together, sharing expertise. Another opportunity to share expertise lies in the publishing to school / divisional documents. The divisional newsletter "Learning Matters" and our school bulletin are documents I read carefully and have contributed to.

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Southwood News

The Southwood News The Southwood News is an opportunity for grade four students to demonstrate skills such as:

- Questioning

- Presentation

- Cooperation

- Listening

- Group Work

As well, the Southwood News is an opportunity to connect with the wider community. Parents and community members tune in to be advised of the scheduled events of the week, and to enjoy the special feature. Also, the students have an opportunity to actually go out into the community to learn and share from experts there. To view more episodes of the Southwood News, visit the Youtube Channel at:

Southwood News - Dec 7
Kailey and Breydan ask Ms. Neufeld some questions about the upcoming Southwood Christmas concert.
SW News: Feb 8-12

Deja and Mason interview HSD Trustees in the Southwood Makerspace.

Southwood Monthly News Bulletin

The Southwood News bulletin is a critical mechanism for communicating with our parent community. We are moving to an online platform that will enable more interactivity and convenient access for parents. Here is the first issue.

Pedagogy & Learning Environments - Makerspace

A leadership goal at Southwood School has been to connect Deeper Learning with our makerspace. I had the opportunity to lead the grade 4 project on cardboard arcade games inspired by the video "Caine's Arcade".

The planning of this project intentionally made use of the aspects of Deeper Learning: Leveraging Digital - The students planned, referred to, and reflected on 3D design software. Learning Environments - The makerspace provides space, material, and opportunity to get hands-on with a wide variety of construction resources.

Pedagogical Practices - The project was designed as an Inquiry project with provocation, exploration, and reflection.

Learning Partnerships - The project would culminate in a Learning Exhibition where members of the community would come to play their creations, and students would have a chance to describe their learning.

Caine's Arcade
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The students rendered their inspirations and sketches into an online 3D design program called Tinkercad. Important for visualization and reference, the students used these plans on the school laptops during construction.
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Brittany and Luke with their finished product, a target practice arcade game. It is ready for use at the Southwood Learning Exhibition.
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Some of the Deeper Learning of the cardboard makerspace project occurred in the students' reflections of their accomplishments. After each dedicated construction period, the students were asked to reflect on successes, areas for improvement, and planning for the next session.

Lifelong Learning

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