New Elphant eclosoure

at brookflied zoo

Type of elphants and rational

Asian elephant's are being added to the zoo because they are small and not hard to take care of. We will have one male and one female added to the zoo so it could save money and to have more elephant's.

How the existing space will be adated

We will put the elephants were the rhinos are and add/remove things we need or don't need for the elephants. Also the rhinos will be put in a new building somewhere else. So the pachyderm house will have the elephants,hippos, and the tapirs.

Some of the elephants

How the existing space will be Adapted to meet the elephants needs

How the indoor/outdoor will be adapted

The outdoor will have a waterfall and a pond that are man made. the elephants will have heated and cooled areas for summer/winter. There will also be shaded areas for the elephants under trees. the indoor will consist of the walls looking like they are in the wild, air conditioning, and so water with rocks.

What the zoo keepers will need to care for elephants

healthy food

water buckets and automatic water devices




shovel to clean waste

clean pool water

veterinarian to control food